Our Mission

Southwood High School will provide educational and extracurricular opportunities that foster life-long learning and responsible citizenship for all students.


Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month

in the school library @6pm.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets in D-120 every Friday at 8am.


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Overview of e2020

Welcome Letter

Parent Newsletter

Math, Science & Technology Program

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May 1st (A Day)

Exams 2nd and 4th

Class 1st and 3rd

May 2nd (B Day)

Exams 6th and 8th

Class 5th and 7th

May 5th (A Day)

Exams 1st and 3rd

Class 2nd and 4th

May 6th (B Day)

Exams 5th and 7th

Class 6th and 8th

Southwood Students are:

Self Disciplined




ACT Test Info

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