Education Accelerated by Service and Technology Program

Using technology to solve everyday problems.


EAST is an innovative, project-based learning environment in which students work together in a collaborative setting using the most current, high-end techologies available. The class is structured around students developing specific projects to improve their school and community.


EAST stresses real-world applications of traditional learning.


Students use the capabilities of a sophisticated computer laboratory as a resource to accomplish their goals. The EAST program is a nationally recognized initiative which exposes students to strategies that help move them from traditional self-centered approaches to learning in a more realistic, interdependent environment that stresses understanding and collaborative approaches to problem solving. Students may enter this program on a curriculum transfer.


Self-disciplined program and curriculum base that encourages individual confidence, self-motivation and accomplishment.


Network Systems ~ Administration ~  Desk Publishing ~ Presentation Applications ~ Computer-Aided Design (CAD) ~ Visualization Software ~ Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ~ Web Page Design ~ Computer-Generated Animation ~ Architecture and Design ~ Solid Modeling and Assembly ~ Database Management ~ Raster-Based Spatial Analysis ~ Programming ~ Design Concepts and Applications ~ Digital Video Production and Editing ~



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***The BRF and Capital One provide support to the EAST program at Southwood High School.