History Club

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Mission Statement:  Our mission is to see and understand as much about important historic events and places as possible.  We also want to help our school and community understand the importance of our history as a nation.


Motto:  "The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are." - Maya Angelou


About the Club:  The current Southwood History Club was established in 2017. Our average number of members is 20-30 students.  We meet and discuss our favorite historic events and establish our goals for the school year.  We occasionally take trips to better visualize certain historical events in their locations.  

Over the last two years, we have gone various places.  We have taken walking tours of Shreveport to learn about our local history.  We have focused heavily on World War II by visiting museums in Fredericksburg, TX and in New Orleans.  We have also helped Forest Hill Elementary with their Spring Field Day.  

To date, our biggest adventure included partnering with our JROTC students to visit Europe to visualize various WWII events.  We took this unforgettable trip in March of 2019.  It was amazing.  We visited Austria, France, Germany and England, and we discussed how these countries were affected by the war.  We hope to plan another trip like this in the near future though no destination has yet been chosen.  


Sponsors:  Mrs. Savannah Snyder, Mrs. Cheryl Rogers, and Mr. Dennis Henderson

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