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Northwestern State University Army ROTC/Military Science program is offering 4 year scholarships to highly qualified students.  The general criteria are: 3.2 GPA and above, 21 or higher on the ACT and you must be physically fit.  Contact Mr. Raymond McDowell at or (318) 357-6501.


The United Marine Corps is offering tuition up to $180,000 at an NROTC affiliated school to interested seniors.  Basic qualifications include 22+ on the ACT or 74+ on the ASVAB, ability to meet physical requirements, and demonstrate leadership potential, integrity and initiative.  The first National Scholarship Board meets in mid-November. You can visit or contact Danielle Falcon at


Juniors:  West Point Academy has started accepting applications for a fully funded education, room and board, medical/dental care and a monthly salary.  You can choose from 35 career choices and you are guaranteed a well-paying position upon graduation. Informational cards are available at the front office.  Apply now at


Lt. General (Ret.) Edgar Starr Harris, Jr. Scholarship

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